The Future of Caneel Bay

As an organization committed to the protection and preservation of the natural and cultural resources of Virgin Islands National Park, Friends of Virgin Islands National Park is concerned about the future of Caneel Bay.

We are committed to finding a solution for the Caneel Bay property that recognizes the St. John and St. Thomas communities as a voice in the planning and negotiating for the future lease and/or concession agreements; and as Laurance Rockefeller intended with the extinguishment of the RUE in 2023, that any negotiated lease or concession agreements provide the St. John community and visitors greater access to the property as part of our Virgin Islands National Park.

Ownership Of STJ’s Caneel Bay Property Is Still In Dispute

Daily News | April 2, 2024

Legal Briefs Filed In Caneel Bay Case

February 8, 2024

The Source: Molloy Removed, Third Circuit Appellate Judge Assigned to Caneel Bay Case

December 25, 2023

National Park Statement On Caneel Bay RUE Expiration

September 30, 2023

NPS Update On Caneel | FONSI document | Alternate B Selected

July 28, 2023

Economic Profile of St John US Virgin Islands

January 22, 2023

Caneel Bay Area Redevelopment and Management Environmental Assessment / Public Comment Period

January 20, 2023

NPS Release: National Park Service seeks public input on additional Caneel Bay contaminant study results

September 13, 2022

The Source: Caneel Bay Operators File Suit to Settle Ownership of Resort

July 1, 2022

Daily News: Caneel Bay operators file ownership claim in court

July 1, 2022

The Source: Park Supt. Fields Updates Status of Caneel Redevelopment Plan

June 20, 2022

Daily News Op Ed by Nigel Fields, Superintendent, Virgin Islands National Park

May 19, 2022

Letter to NPS from Tonia Lovejoy, Executive Director Regarding Caneel Bay

March 3, 2022

National Park: Caneel Bay Redevelopment And Management Plan: Comments

Deadline for Comments is March 4, 2022

Friends Newsletter: Positions Advocated Regarding Caneel Bay Redevelopment Options.

January 27, 2022

National Park: Caneel Bay Redevelopment Virtual Civic Engagement Meeting

February 8, 2022

National Park: Caneel Bay Redevelopment And Management Plan Newsletter

Includes letter from Superintendent Fields and options under consideration as at January 18, 2022

Daily News: National Park Service seeks public input on Caneel Bay redevelopment

January 19, 2022

National Park Release: National Park Service begins planning for the future of Caneel Bay

November 22, 2021

National Park Release: National Park Service Releases Caneel Bay Contaminant Study Results

September 20, 2021

National Park Release: National Park Service to open Caneel Bay lease for competition

July 27, 2021

National Park Release on Environmental Report and Related Commuity Meetings

June 2021

Call To Action: Deadline For Your Feedback is May 7!

April 2021

National Park Release / Environmental Assessment

February 11, 2021

Letter to Governor Bryan

September 2020

Letter to Dept of Interior

August 2020

Daily News Op Editorial

July 2020

Friends Position Statement

August 2019

1983 RUE Document

September 30, 1983


Environmental Reports

The following environmental reports dating back to 2012 were conducted by independent third parties.


September 4, 2012
Various Tracts Caneel Bay Resort
Pages 1 to 113 (one of two)
Pages 114 to 121 (two of two)


January 2017
Caneel Bay Resort, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
Pages 1 to 119 (one of two)
Pages 120 to 139 (two of two)


March 5, 2014
Caneel Bay Resort, Saint John, U.S. Virgins Islands
Pages 1 to 279 (one of one)