Ready to make St. John your everyday backdrop? Enjoy Virgin Islands National Park views at home!

Download our free wallpapers featuring your favorite beaches and trails and save the image to your computer, phone or tablet. Or use them as your Zoom background!

See detailed instructions below.

Turtle Air 1920x1080 Desktop

Green Turtle


Maho Sunset

Detailed Downloading Instructions

Device Wallpapers:

  • Mobile Phone/Tablet:Select the download action for your device (Android or iPhone) from the menu beside the photo. Once the photo has loaded fully, press on the image until a list of options appears. Select the “save” option, and then use your phone’s photo gallery or display settings to set the image as your wallpaper.
  • Desktop Windows:Select the “Desktop” option from the menu beside the photo.
    • If using Google Chrome: When the photo has loaded fully, right-click and select “Save Image As.” Once the image is saved to your device, use your computer’s Control Panel to update your desktop background with the new image.
    • If using Firefox or Internet Explorer: When the photo has loaded fully, right-click on the image and Select “Set As Wallpaper” or “Set As Background” from the drop-down menu. Check your desktop to see the new background.
  • Desktop Mac:Select the “Desktop” option to download to your computer. Once the photo has loaded fully, click the image and drag it to your desktop. Open “System Preferences” and select “Desktop.” Add the photo to the Desktop pictures window by dragging and dropping it, or by selecting the image file from the side bar. Select the image to set it as your wallpaper.

Note: You may need to restart your computer for the wallpaper to be installed.

Video Chat Backgrounds:

Some video chat platforms, including Zoom and Skype, allow you to customize your backdrop by uploading an image. Follow the instructions above to download the wallpaper to your desktop or mobile device. After you save the image, use the “Virtual Background” tool on Zoom to upload the photo and set it as your new backdrop. If you’re on Skype, hover over the video button, click “Choose background effect” and follow the prompts to upload your image.