Park Trivia

History and Culture

1) What year was VINP founded?

A: 1956

2) What is the name of the colorful, masked, stilted walkers seen at Virgin Islands festivals and celebrations.

A: Moko Jumbie

3) Normally harvested in Sept-Oct, these small fruits are blended with rum, sugar, and spices to make a traditional Christmas holiday drink.

A: Guavaberries

4)  The main three ingredients used in the mortar to build sugar factories was lime or sand, animal hair and what?

A: molasses

5) What is the title of the book by John Lonzo Anderson that tells the story of the slave rebellion of 1733?

A: Night of the Silent Drums

6) In the year 1450, according to archeaological records, St. John was inhabited by which indigenous people?

A: The Taino

7) Fungi (pronounced foon-ji) is a traditional staple food of the Virgin Islands. What is the main ingredient?

A: Cornmeal


1)     What is the official flower of the US Virgin Islands?

A: Ginger Thomas, yellow cedar, yellow trumpet bush, yellow elder (Tecoma stans)

2)  What is the local name for the Smooth-billed Ani bird?

A: Black Witch

3)   What tree, with buttressed roots, produces a seed pod that was used to fill life jackets?

A: kapok, silk-cotton tree

4) What is the only mammal native to St John?

A: Bats

5) Green sea turtles eat sea grass, what do hawksbill sea turtles primarily eat?

A: Sponges

6) What is the common name of our local wasp species?

A: Jack Spaniards

7) Named after their loud night-time mating call, a coqui is what type of animal?

A: Frog

Island Geography

1)  At what historic plantation ruin would you find a mature baobab tree?

A: Sieben Ruins

2) What is the furthest south point of St. John called?

A: Ram Head

3) If you walked down the L'Esperance Trail, up the Reef Bay Trail, and down the Maria Hope Trail, where would you end up?

A: Maho Bay

4) The Reef Bay Trail features a short detour to a fresh water spring and rock art carving site called what?

A: The petroglyphs

5) Who or what is Trunk Bay named after?

A: leatherback sea turtle

6) What is the highest point of St. John?

A: Bordeaux Mountain

7) One of St. John's most popular snorkel spots is located about a mile East of Annaberg plantation ruins at the end of the Leinster Bay Trail. Adventurous snorkelers will swim around the cay known by what name?

A: Waterlemon Cay