So you think you know the Park!

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1) What year was VINP founded?

A: 1956

2) What is the name of the colorful, masked, stilted walkers seen at Virgin Islands festivals and celebrations.

A: Moko Jumbie

3) Normally harvested in Sept-Oct, these small fruits are blended with rum, sugar, and spices to make a traditional Christmas holiday drink.

A: Guavaberries

4)  The main three ingredients used in the mortar to build sugar factories was lime or sand, animal hair and what?

A: molasses

5) What is the title of the book by John Lonzo Anderson that tells the story of the slave rebellion of 1733?

A: Night of the Silent Drums

6) In the year 1450, according to archeaological records, St. John was inhabited by which indigenous people?

A: The Taino

7) Fungi (pronounced foon-ji) is a traditional staple food of the Virgin Islands. What is the main ingredient?

A: Cornmeal

8) What year did the USA purchase the Danish West Indies?

A: 1917

9) Caneel is an old Dutch word meaning what?

A: Cinnamon

10) Quadrille is what type of traditional activity?

A: Dance

11) What was the name of the project that took place in 1969 and 1970 and involved an underwater habitat in Great Lameshur Bay? The purpose of the project was to conduct research in marine science, human behavior and human biology.

A: Tektite I and II

12) A tutu is a horn that is traditionally used to signal a meeting, a warning, an emergency, or other community event. What is a tutu made from?

A: Conch shell

13) What was St. John’s major exported product from 1880 to 1930?

A: Bay run essential oil

14) In 2021 the Friends named a new scholarship after a legendary St. Johnian. What is the name of this person who was an NPS Ranger, Senator at Large(1972-76), and St John administrator ('83-'87)?

A: Noble Samuel

15) Also called “scratch band music”, what is the name for the traditional music of the US Virgin Islands?

A: Quelbe


1)What is the official flower of the US Virgin Islands?

A: Ginger Thomas, yellow cedar, yellow trumpet bush, yellow elder (Tecoma stans)

2)  What is the local name for the Smooth-billed Ani bird?

A: Black Witch

3)   What tree, with buttressed roots, produces a seed pod that was used to fill life jackets?

A: kapok, silk-cotton tree

4) What is the only mammal native to St John?

A: Bats

5) Green sea turtles eat sea grass, what do hawksbill sea turtles primarily eat?

A: Sponges

6) What is the common name of our local wasp species?

A: Jack Spaniards

7) Named after their loud night-time mating call, a coqui is what type of animal?

A: Frog

8) What is the official bird of the USVI?

A: bananaquit

9) The West Indian Locust is a native hardwood tree that produces woody fruit pods. These pods contain an edible dry pulp with distinct aroma. What is the unappealing nickname given to this tree?

A: Stinking toe

10) A bar jack is what type of animal?

A: Fish

11) Abbreviated SCTLD, what is the full name of the new infection that has decimated VI coral populations?

A: Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease

12) What is the name of the bright orange-red bird that has been seen foraging in wetlands near Fish Bay?

A: Scarlet ibis

13) What are the three species of sea turtle known to nest in the Virgin Islands?

A: hawksbill, leatherback, and green.

14) What do leatherback turtles primarily eat

A: jellyfish

15) How many fish species are found in the waters around St. John and St. Thomas?

A: Some 559 fish species


1)  At what historic plantation ruin did you used to find a mature baobab tree?

A: Sieben Ruins

2) What is the furthest south point of St. John called?

A: Ram Head

3) If you walked down the L'Esperance Trail, up the Reef Bay Trail, and down the Maria Hope Trail, where would you end up?

A: Maho Bay

4) The Reef Bay Trail features a short detour to a fresh water spring and rock art carving site called what?

A: The petroglyphs

5) Who or what is Trunk Bay named after?

A: leatherback sea turtle

6) What is the highest point of St. John?

A: Bordeaux Mountain

7) One of St. John's most popular snorkel spots is located about a mile East of Annaberg plantation ruins at the end of the Leinster Bay Trail. Adventurous snorkelers will swim around the cay known by what name?

A: Waterlemon Cay

8) What is the name of the NPS hiking trail that runs the length of the peninsula that separates Little Lameshur Bay and Great Lameshur Bay?

A: - Yawzi Point Trail

9) The Hermitage Plantation ruins can be found near which National Park Trailhead?

A: Brown Bay Trail

10) The northernmost part of St John is a peninsula called what?

A: Mary Point

11) The long course of the Beach to Beach Power Swim ends at which north shore beach?

A: Hawksnest

12) The Par Force ruins are located on which NPS trail?

A: Reef Bay trail

13) What is the name of the easternmost beach found within the National Park boundaries?

A: Haulover