Friends of Virgin Islands National Park programs aimed at protecting the Park's resources include trail maintenance, native plant restoration, habitat protection both on land and in the ocean, and scientific research on coral reefs, sea turtles, bats, birds and vegetation.


Sea Turtle Protection

Protecting and monitoring sea turtle nests, facilitating research projects, and spreading awareness of sea turtle conservation needs.


Trails Management

With the help of volunteers, maintaining the 27 miles of Park trails and helping to uncover and protect historical ruins. 


Save Our Reefs!

Supporting coral-related research, protection and restoration efforts, providing information and outreach to reduce threats, and promoting the use of reef safe sunscreen. 


Native Plant Restoration

Cultivating and propagating salt resistant, native plant species to protect our shores and beaches, managing invasive species, and restoring threatened and endangered species.


Caneel Bay

Advocating for environmental contamination clean-up and redevelopment that respects the Park and St.John community interests. 


Bird Research

Supporting research to accurately understand responses of bird populations to hurricanes.


Bat Research

Monitoring bat recovery post hurricanes, and developing bioacoustic classifiers to identify local bat species.