The Art Of The Moko Jumbie

Training the Next Generation of Culture Bearers in the Art & History of Moko Jumbie

Friends has supported cultural heritage preservation on St. John most notably through its 31 years of funding the National Park’s Folk Life Festival each February, a rich celebration that brings together legendary culture bearers of the Virgin Islands to showcase their craftsmanship and expertise, whether it be drumming, dancing, or broom-making, for our local youth.

Today, we know that to continue to witness these arts as living traditions, we must invest in engaging, teaching, training, and showcasing our youth so they can take on the valuable stewardship of their cultural heritage.   As our culture bearers age, it is crucial to pass the baton to the next generation and ensure the longevity of this celebrated and treasured history.  As such, Friends provides support for weekly youth classes on St. John taught by Yisrael Allan Petersen.

Photos by Kayden Richards, Friends Photographer-In-Residence