Annaberg Cultural Program

Sharing the rich cultural heritage on St. John through demonstrations of skills and crafts that have been passed down through generations.  These programs are open to visiting and local public as well as being an integral part of our School Kids In The Park (SKIP) Program.

Olivia Christian


Nov 2023 to June 2024 schedule will be available in Oct 2023. 

Ms Olivia Christian will demonstrate bread making and baking traditions in the old cook house in the ruins. Ms Olivia is a St. Johnian who grew up working summers in the Daylight Bakery in Charlotte Amalie that is owned by her family.  She studied food service at college, raised four sons, and this is her 11th season doing demonstrations at Annaberg.  Typically Ms Olivia can be found baking coconut bread, plain dumb bread, or johnny cakes.

Charles / gardener


Nov 2023 to June 2024 schedule will be available in Oct 2023. 

Learn from Mr Charles Jackson about the fruits and plants that grow in the Annaberg garden. Mr Charles loves people, plants, and animals. He was raised on St. John by his grandma surrounded by pigs, goats and a garden full of mangos, sweet potatoes, and more. Mr. Charles has been landscaping and gardening all his life and has worked at Annaberg for 15 years!  Look to him to learn about sugar cane, bush tea, and the nutritional and medicinal uses of island plants and fruits.


Annaberg History Tour

Nov 2023 to June 2024 schedule will be available in Oct 2023. 

Join a guided tour by park docent Mark Mahowald and learn about the history of the Annaberg plantation ruins, the colonial history of St John, and the process of sugar production. There will be demonstrations from a traditional bread baker and gardener.

GHS Third Grade Annabert

School Trips To The Park

The park is an incredible classroom.  Please contact us if you would like to arrange a class trip.