Friends October Newsletter

October marks the beginning of Friends’ financial year and the upcoming season! With your support, we will be tackling some big projects this year and, as always, are committed to supporting and managing a number of VI National Park programs!  Get an update on the latest on our programs and events in our newsletter here.

This month we are asking you to roll up your sleeves and take action to clean up marine debris with us! You can join the Friends at 9 AM on Saturday, October 23rd in the Salt Pond Parking lot to clean up Drunk Bay, or pick your own beach to adopt. Also, check out the virtual seminars below. Led by experts on important conservation topics, these seminars will help you to protect and preserve VI National Park with us!  Thank you for continuing to be our park’s best friend by volunteering, donating, and participating in events.

📷 Courtesy of Ranger Laurel Brannick.  Gift Hill School Fourth Graders doing trash pick up on Trunk.

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