School Kids In The Park Teaching Resources

Using the Park as a living classroom!

Explore the resources on our website for lesson planning ideas and teaching resources about sea turtles, archeology, and cultural heritage.  

Sea Turtle Hawksbill

Sea Turtles

Resources on these endangered species that live in our waters, their lifecycle, how to identify tracks, and more!  Our library includes videos, species cards, posters, images and more. 

SKIP Sea shore video

Sea Shore Walk with Ranger Laurel

Made for classrooms, this fun educational video explores the sea shore in Mary's Creek. (7:17)

Cinnamon Bay Trail Video

Cinnamon Bay Trail With Ranger Golda

Made for classrooms, this fun educational video takes a tour of the plants and trees found on the Cinnamon Bay trail in the park. (8:15)

Bird Walk Video

Bird Walk with Ranger Laurel

Ranger Laurel shares her knowledge and passion for birds in the park.  Made for classroom, this fun educational video pairs well with this bird seminar. (7:01) 

pelican bird

Natural Resources

Explore research papers, study guides and more on subjects like natural resource history, birds, bats, and island economics. 


Voices Of St John

Here, St.John is an oral history about Virgin Islands National Park and St. John.  It serves to give voice to the heritage, culture and natural history as told by born St. Johnians and resident scientists.  These stories recall historical details of the people and the natural life of the island that shape this place. 

folk life

Passing It On Documentary

Passing It On To Another One weaves together inspirational tales told by culture bearers who have participated in the Annual Folk Life Festival through the years in colorful interviews and demonstrations of their expertise in the cultural arts, music and crafts of the Virgin Islands. Watch the entire documentary or dip into the wonderful segments featuring our Virgin Islands' culture bearers!

petro dove-IMG_0873p

Archaeology and Heritage

There is a rich cultural heritage in the Park including two prehistoric archaeological sites.  A number of papers on the Taino petroglyphs, ship wrecks in VI waters and more are available.

VINP service

Learn More About The Park

Visit the Virgin Islands National Park website for more information on its natural, cultural and historical treasures.