Resource Management Reports Library

Visitation and Resource Management is critical to the future evolution of Virgin Islands National Park. Over the years, Friends has commissioned a number of studies to assess issues like visitation demographics, traffic, light pollution, and waste management in order to advocate for long term solution. These studies together with others provide context and inform future planning and decision making. 

Economic Studies

In 2001 during Mr. Robert Stanton’s tenure as the 15th Director of the National Park Service, a comprehensive business plan was developed for Virgin Islands National Park. Several years later, in 2004 Friends commissioned an independent study entitled “Impact of Visitor Spending and Park Operations on the Regional Economy: Virgin Islands National Park”. The goal was to give context to the business plan at the local level, as much of the park’s business plan focused on the park’s fiscal and operational needs within the framework of the National Park Service.  The study commissioned in 2023 aims to provide an update and a baseline for future economic and visitation studies and business plans.

Park Business Plan

In 2001, Virgin Islands National Park was elected as one of the 13 parks to participate in the National Park Service's Business Plan Initiative that year. The National Park Service’s Business Plan Initiative represents a unique partnership between the National Park Service (NPS), the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), and a consortium of philanthropic organizations. The Initiative’s purpose is to increase the financial management capabilities in park units, thus enabling the Service to more clearly communicate its financial status to Congress and other primary stakeholders. The plan answers questions such as: What is the business of this park unit? How much money does this Park need to operate within appropriate standards? This plan analyzes the functional responsibilities, operational standards, financial picture, and funding needs of Virgin Islands National Park.