Love St. John. Love Our Park.

Stunning beaches, miles of trails, marine life, fauna and flora in abundance! Some 60% of St. John is Virgin Islands National Park and Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument.

Founded in 1988, Friends of Virgin Islands National Park is the official philanthropic partner of the park.  The Friends assists and advises the National Park Service in assuring the park's unique terrestrial and marine resources are protected, the Virgin Island's cultural treasures in the park are preserved, and visitors and community are connected to their park through volunteerism, education, and advocacy.

Thank you for making the work we do possible!


Gifts That Keep On Giving

Proceeds from our stores go directly towards funding our projects and programs.   Thanks for your support!


Friends Seminars

Welcome to Friday with Friends! Explore and learn about Virgin Islands National Park through a series of hikes, cultural walks, paddles, and seminars.

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Virtual Seminars

Friends Virtual Seminars and Webinars explore subjects related to the protection and preservation of the park's natural and cultural resources. 

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Protect Our Turtles

Our Sea Turtle Program aims to protect sea turtle nests, facilitate research projects, and spread awareness of sea turtle conservation.


Save Our Reefs!

Coral-related research, addressing threats and introducing safeguards, information programs including the use of reef safe sunscreen. 


Make A Difference

The Friends supports and manages over 30 projects and programs annually valued at over $1 million! We protect natural resources, preserve cultural resources, and connect visitors to the park and the park to the community. Thank you for sharing our passion!


Caneel Bay's Future

Friends is committed to finding a solution that addresses the environmental contamination on the property.

Recreate Responsibly

Guidelines on staying safe and the impact of Covid-19 on Friends and NPS activities. 


Black Lives Matter

Friends' position on diversity, equity and community.

"I have lots of heroes: anyone and everyone who does whatever they can to leave the natural world better than they found it."

Dr. Sylvia Earle