Visitor App

Friends App

The Friends App "Ranger Hawksbill" is designed to engage a new generation of park visitors and to assist the park's interpretative rangers in communicating vital information. The Ranger Hawksbill app is available for free in iTunes and Google Play Store. (Park visitors are encouraged to download the app before entering the park to have full access to the app (offline) while exploring! Updates occur automatically.)


The App includes a clickable map of trails and beaches with detailed descriptions of amenities and difficulty ratings to help plan a perfect day in the park. In addition, the app has an interactive "What's That?" section to help identify unique plants and animals in the park and its waters, plus a maze for kids! Safety information and park contacts are also included in the app.

Phase 1 of the app was launched in May 2017. Phase 2 of the app was launched in Feb 2018 with updated information regarding the impact of Hurricane Irma and Maria park services, beaches and trail conditions. Phase 3 of the app will include interactive features highlighting the cultural resources in the park.

Download the app today and stay connected with your Virgin Islands National Park!

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