Thank You For Being A Friend

Our world is full of blessings! Please take a moment with us this season and give thanks for the many gifts in Virgin Islands National Park:

Thank you bay rum trees. The scent of your crushed leaves reminds us of the healing power of nature.

Thank you petroglyphs. You simply tell the story of how the Taino people saw the world we share today.

Thank you sea turtles. As you swim to the surface, you inspire us to learn more about your gentle ways.

Thank you Annaberg. A walk through your ruined walls offers a glimpse into the lives of the people who toiled this island before us.

Thank you silver bait fish. To swim among a school of you is like being in a magical underwater opera written to the tempo of a hummingbird’s wings.

Thank you coral reefs. Your intricate architecture highlights the miraculous complexity of the ocean we depend on.

As anyone who has gifted a piece of their soul to St. John knows, the list goes on!

On behalf of the Friends board of directors’, our staff, partners, and program beneficiaries, thank you for sharing in the preservation of these and many more blessings found in our park!


Photograph by Kayden Richards, Friends Photographer-In-Residence. Learn more about this program and find more of his beautiful work –

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