Nature Walks and Talks

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Welcome to Friday with Friends!  Explore and learn about Virgin Islands National Park through a series of hikes, cultural walks, paddles, and seminars. Join us!

These are seminars and hikes are free to members with a suggested $30 donation for non-members.   Become a member for $30 a year here.


Traditional Cultural Uses of Plants in the Virgin Islands Walk

First Fridays to May 2021

Go for a walk with one of St. John’s cultural ambassadors. Explore the Cinnamon Bay Loop Trail with one of St. John’s cultural ambassadors, Delroy “Ital” Anthony, as he shares his vast knowledge of traditional plant uses, natural medicines, and Virgin Islands history. 


Hike Annaberg to Murphy Great House

Nov 27 / Feb 26 / May 28

Hike on the last Friday of every month with Friends staff! Learn about the natural history, the plantation era, and ongoing Friends projects as you hike one of St. John's premier trails with Friends Program Manager, Mark Gestwicki. This hike showcases panoramic views of the BVIs, diverse flora and fauna, three different historic sites, and excellent swimming/snorkeling. 


Paddle & Explore Maho and Francis

Friday, December 11

Paddle on the second Friday with Friends and generous sponsors! Explore beautiful Maho and Francis Bays by kayak, walk the estuary, and snorkel with turtles!  Hosted and guided by Jenn Russ of Reef2Peak with Friends Turtle Program Manager, Adren Anderson talking turtles.


ram head_9009

Hike Salt Pond to Ram Head

Dec 25 / Mar 26 

Hike on the last Friday of every month with Friends staff! Ram Head is the southernmost point of St. John and one of the most unforgettable hikes in Virgin Islands National Park. This out-and-back trail begins and ends at Saltpond Bay where swimming in the calm blue water is the perfect cool down to a mostly exposed hike. Much of this trail is on uneven terrain as it meanders along the rocky coast, passing through a surprisingly diverse dry forest ecosystem.

brown bay

Hike Brown Bay

Jan 29 / Apr 30 

Hike on the last Friday of every month with Friends staff! The Brown Bay Trail is popular among local residents, because the secluded bay is quiet, rich in cultural history, and offers excellent snorkeling. The trail passes through a dry forest ecosystem that is home to many native plants and trees, including Solanum conocarpum which is a rare endemic species. There are also three major historical sites along this trail that are well worth a visit.