Trail Restoration

Virgin Islands National Park has an intricate trail system leading park visitors through valleys, over peaks and down to pristine beaches. In total, we have roughly 27 miles of trails in our park. Some of our trails offer guided hikes led by rangers and follow the footsteps of the people who lived and worked on St. John hundreds of years ago. 

After the 2017 hurricane season, and two category 5 storms, our trails were inaccessible, and many were demolished, either entirely washed away or severly altered in their course due to fallen trees and landslides. 

The National Park's hurricane recovery teams did much to help with the immediate clearing of major debris in the first few weeks following the storms. In November Friends full-time trails coordinator along with a team of five professional sawyers took to the task to clear the remaining debris and rebuilding trails. By February of 2018 almost all 27 miles of trails were cleared, new accessways and routes formed when necessary, and most hazards (widow makers/dead limbs in trees) were removed. 

Each day the sawyers went out into the field, working their way, trail by trail, step by step, through the park. Additionally, we added the help of volunteers by reinstating our Walkup Trail Program in March. This program invited more than a hundred volunteers to assist with trail clearning, debris removal and trail maintenance under the guidance of our professional sawyers. 

Today, all trails are open and looking great! We welcome visitors back to experience the beauty and serenity of Virgin Islands National Park.

The Upper Lindt Point Trail Today


Volunteers helped gather and hike out each piece of debris, and today the trail looks great!

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