Course Description

Paddle the Park will consist of three courses: Short, Open and Elite.

Knowledge of the course is the complete responsibility of each participant.  Each competitor must understand that navigation is their responsibility and they should study the instructions and the maps carefully.

  1. Each participant is responsible for their own safety during the event.  Each racer is urged to train and prepare for their event; then race within their ability.
  2. The course may be changed due to adverse weather or sea conditions on the day of the event.  
  3. Instructions given at the pre-race briefing will take precedence over any other instructions.
  4. All courses will start and finish on Maho beach.  


Short Course

Short Course- 1 mile

Maho Beach to the floating fee station and back

Open Course

Open Course - 3 miles

Maho Beach to Whistling Cay and back

Elite Course

Elite Course - 5 1/2 miles

Maho Beach to Whistling Cay, then to and around Cinnamon Cay, back behind Whistling Cay and back to Maho

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