On September 6, 2017 the U.S. Virgin Islands was hit by Category 5 Hurricane Irma, the largest recorded Atlantic storm in our human history. Two weeks later, the 2nd largest storm, Category 5 Hurricane Maria past just south of the island. The combined effects of the storm have left the region in a state of restoration, still more than a year later. The Friends is committed to bringing our park back! These are some of the projects we have completed in the aftermath of the storms. 


2018-2019 Recovery Projects 

Annaberg Cookhouse Repair($48,000)                                               
Annaberg Gardener & Coal Pit Sheds($19,200)                               
Beach Amenities($15,665)                   
Francis Bay Factory Renovations($14,200)                                      
Johnson’s Reef Protection($30,600)     
Leinster Bay Fort Repairs($30,000)
Maho Pavilions $134,000                     
Plant Restoration & Management ($30,000)
Playground Improvements($1,800)     
Trail Signs($72,000)

Francis Bay Walking Trail

Trail Restoration

2018 Folklife Festival

NPS Playground Repair

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