The Friends of Virgin Islands National Park was established in the mid-1980's thanks to the groundwork done by the park's Chief of Interpretation, Chuck Weikert, and the encouragement of then superintendent Richard Maeder.  The idea was also strongly endorsed by Laurence Rockefeller (who had donated about 5,000 acres in 1956 for the purpose of creating the park) with the aim of the Friends being a ink between the park and the community of St John. The Friends was formally incorporated in December 1988 and celebrates its 30th anniversary at the end of 2018. 

Major Accomplishments
  • CREATING AN ANCHORLESS PARK through the installation of more then 350 moorings for day and overnight use.
  • MAKING TRAILS SAFE, ACCESSIBLE AND ENJOYABLE with the Volunteer Trails and the Summer Trails Crew Programs. 
  • NURTURING THE NEXT GENERATION OF CONSERVATION CITIZENS through education with School Kids in the Park (SKIP), Eco-camps, and scholarships.
  • TELLING THE STORY OF THOSE WHO PRECEEDED US through the Archeology Program, the opening of Hassel Island, and our annual Folk Life Festival.
More History

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